LASIK surgery itself is pain free but some LASIK patients experience a scratchy feeling in the eye for a day or two following the procedure. Because a major concern following LASIK is dislodging the flap created at the time of surgery, your doctor will warn you against vigorous eye rubbing or other injuries to the surface of the eye. To help prevent this, you will be given an eye shield to be worn over your eye(s) to protect the cornea for up to a week. You will also want to wear it when sleeping for the first few days after surgery.

Don’t plan on driving yourself home after LASIK because your vision will be blurry and your eyes very light sensitive. In some cases, patients feel uncomfortable driving for a day or two; other patients are driving again within 24 hour

You can expect your doctor to review the post-operative medication regimen with you, usually eye drops to minimize the risk of infection and post-operative discomfort. Usually they are needed for only a few weeks after LASIK although, in rare cases, medication may be required for up to several months. Plan to return to the doctor’s office for an examination one day after surgery, one week after surgery and one month following surgery. Additional visits may be scheduled if necessary.

You shouldn’t plan to return to work until your doctor says it’s OK, usually in a day or two. There may also be limitations on swimming, whirlpools or hot tubs, playing active sports and wearing eye makeup. You will also be cautioned to wear dark sunglasses in bright light outdoors so your eyes are more comfortable.