Our Mission

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For over 75 years the board-certified doctors at Wheaton Eye Clinic have provided world-class vision care to patients of all ages—from newborns to octogenarians. The excellence and dedication of our medical staff has made this the largest privately-held eye clinic in the Midwest.

Full-service family eye care is offered in all ophthalmic subspecialties at Wheaton Eye Clinic. Doctors are available for routine well eye examinations as well as treatment of the most complex eye problems and diseases.

Patients come to us from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, as well as from Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa. In addition, referring physicians across the United States, and many international countries, send their patients to Wheaton Eye Clinic because of its unwavering reputation for exceptional patient care. More than 120,000 patient visits occur each year.

Our mission at Wheaton Eye Clinic is to provide comprehensive eye care services of the highest quality and value. As part of this dedication to excellence, we strive to surpass each patient’s expectations in the delivery of competent, timely and compassionate eye care.