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Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus

Pediatric ophthalmologists provide medical and surgical eye care for children under the age of 18 for a variety of conditions including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (misaligned eyes), tear duct obstruction, refractive errors, cataracts, glaucoma and prematurity. Pediatric ophthalmologists also treat adults with strabismus. Specialized training in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus is required after general ophthalmology residency training.

Childhood Eye Examinations

Your pediatrician or general doctor should do regular eye screenings of your child, including checking red reflexes, as an infant and toddler. As part of a regular physical examination, your child should have testing of visual acuity or an age-appropriate vision screening at age three and possibly before then. Digital photoscreening has become more popular recently and can detect risk factors for amblyopia and other eye health conditions. A referral to a pediatric ophthalmologist is warranted if your child does not pass one of these screenings. If you or your child’s pediatrician notices a drifting or crossing eye, then this should be evaluated shortly after it is detected. Strabismus can cause life-long vision problems if not treated adequately.  If there is a strong family history of childhood eye problems or your child has a systemic condition that can cause eye problems, then a referral would also be warranted. 

The State of Illinois requires a professional eye examination within 12 months of a child starting kindergarten. If this examination is normal, yearly examinations by an eye professional are not needed for most children. Children should see an eye doctor if they fail a school screening examination, if an eye examination is recommended by a physician, or if they develop vision related complaints.

Common Conditions

Pediatric ophthalmology at Wheaton Eye Clinic includes treatment of the following conditions:

For more information about these, and many other pediatric eye care topics, contact us today.

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Doctors


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