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Home Eye Care

Dedication to Patient Care

Many thousands of patients in the western suburbs are homebound due to a variety of severe medical conditions. Patients who have had a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, severe multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, advanced Parkinson’s disease, severe congestive heart failure and many other maladies live confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed in their home.

The Wheaton Eye Clinic provides a unique service for patients such as these. Because one of our doctors has a special humanitarian interest in caring for patients who are homebound, we are able to offer service to many patients who would otherwise be unserved. In many cases, the underlying medical condition may give rise to poor vision, double vision, acute loss of vision, diabetic eye complications, eye infections, glaucoma or dry eyes.

Sometimes eye problems are found which require surgery. In such cases, a team effort, requiring the patient’s medical doctor, special transportation and Wheaton Eye Clinic surgeons, treats the surgical problem. Patients are then followed in the home post-operatively by a general ophthalmologist who offers home eye care.

Additional Information

Wheaton Eye Clinic Home Eye Care is available only upon referral by a medical doctor. Because demand exceeds resources, priority is given to the most medically-severe and/or needs-based situations. Physicians wishing to make a home eye care referral should call 630.668.8250.

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