Plastic Surgery


Entropion is a common condition, particularly in the mature population, observed on the lower eyelid, in which the lower eyelid rotates inward toward the eye.


As a result of the eyelid skin and lashes rolling inward toward the eye, individuals commonly experience tearing, photosensitivity, and red eyes. If entropion exists, it is important to have a doctor repair the condition before permanent damage to the eye occurs.


Entropion is caused by a weakening of several muscles of the lower eyelid that stabilize its position. It can occur as a result of advancing age, trauma, scarring or previous surgeries to the lower eyelid.

Treatment Options

There are several procedures that are performed to correct this common eyelid condition. These procedures require minimal incisions of the lower eyelid and involve strengthening muscles and eyelid tissues to impart a perfect balance of the eyelid. All entropion procedures are performed under mild anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

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