Plastic Surgery


Ptosis refers to the drooping of the upper eyelid(s). This condition can develop in all age groups and can sometimes be observed at birth.


Ptosis is a common condition that may cause a reduction in the field of vision. A drooping eyelid can develop suddenly or gradually over a period of time. Commonly, individuals with ptosis describe difficulties keeping their eyelids open which results in problems with reading and visualizing objects in the periphery. To compensate, they will often arch their eyebrows in an effort to raise the drooping eyelids.

Treatment Options

The treatment for a drooping eyelid generally requires surgery. There are several surgical procedures that can correct a drooping eyelid and typically involve strengthening the eyelid muscles that lift the eyelid. One approach is a minimally invasive procedure called an internal ptosis procedure. This procedure is performed underneath the lid without creating an incision on the skin.

An evaluation of the ptotic lid will determine the most appropriate surgical procedure. The goal is to elevate the eyelid to improve the peripheral field of vision and to achieve symmetry with the opposite upper eyelid. The surgery is typically performed at an outpatient surgical facility.

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