Message to Our Patients: 


For over 75 years, the Wheaton Eye Clinic has been committed to the mission of providing excellent and compassionate eye care to patients in DuPage County and beyond. In the midst of the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pandemic, we remain committed to this mission, and we have taken steps to maximize the safety of our patients and employees, in accordance with CDC guidelines, while still providing world class eye care to those in need. We recognize that patients in our community will continue to experience urgent eye or vision problems, and many of our existing patients will have ongoing needs for the monitoring and treatment of serious eye diseases. The physicians of the Wheaton Eye Clinic remain available and ready to help our patients in need. 


(1) For our more urgent patients, for example those experiencing acute problems with their eyes or vision, as well as some patients with ongoing needs for serious eye conditions, we are available to see patients in the office setting.  We will remain available for urgent or time sensitive surgical care as well. 


(2) For less urgent situations, our physicians are rapidly improving our ability to interact with patients over the phone and through video services (for example, FaceTime, Zoom Video, or Skype and others). This is a service called “Telemedicine,” and recent legislation has  made this option easier than in the past. Some insurers have instituted $0 copays during the pandemic for this type of care. 


(3) Our physicians are personally calling patients who might be safely rescheduled to a later time. We are working to avoid congestion in our waiting rooms and are keeping our patient appointments appropriately spaced, ensuring that patients who do require more time sensitive care can obtain it within the constraints of “social distancing” to the extent possible. 


(4) Currently our Optical and Contact Lens departments are closed. However, Optical may be able to assist you should you have issues with your glasses. The Optical phone number is 630-588-3694. The Contact Lens department can help you facilitate your contact lens orders. The Contact Lens department phone number is 630-588-3661.


(5) Please note that for the protection of patients, physicians, and employees, some locations may be temporarily and intermittently unavailable.


(6) Business and Insurance departments will be available by phone at 630-588-3632.


If you are experiencing a cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms, we urge you to call your primary care physician or present to your local emergency department. Please call ahead before coming to the Wheaton Eye Clinic for care if you have any of the following: 

  • Cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms; or 
  • Exposure to another person with these symptoms; or 
  • Exposure to someone confirmed to have COVID-19

If you are experiencing any concerns with your eyes or vision, we are available now, and we will continue to be available after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Please call us at 630-668-8250, and we will help you find the best possible solution to your vision problem. 



The Physicians of the Wheaton Eye Clinic