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Wheaton Eye Clinic is one of few facilities in the country to offer contact lens subspecialty services by doctors who spend 100% of their time fitting patients with contact lenses. Because of their advanced training, 95 years of combined experience and cutting edge technologies, doctors in the contact lens department have a success rate, and patient satisfaction, second to none in the industry.

Always on the cutting edge of contact lens fitting technology, including the newest, most innovative materials, our doctors fit lenses on the widest range of eye conditions possible. While some lens fittings are straightforward, many fittings are unique and medically complex. Our Wheaton Eye Clinic contact lens doctors are joined by a department staff that is highly trained to answer questions and help you through the process of adapting to contact lenses.
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Eye Conditions

Wheaton Eye Clinic doctors are able to fit contact lenses for the unusual visual problems such as: keratoconus, irregular corneas, scarred corneas/corneal opacities, post refractive surgery, post corneal transplant surgery, post corneal injuries, pediatric care and aphakia. In addition, the usual visual problems of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia are most commonly corrected.
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Contact Technologies

The contact lens department at the Wheaton Eye Clinic has a huge inventory of diagnostic lenses (soft and gas permeable) that are used to aid and accelerate the fitting process. We also have a vast stock of contact lenses which are conveniently available for purchase in our office. Some of the most common types of contact lenses we use include disposable soft, gas permeable, astigmatism or toric, multifocal or bifocal, monovision, hybrid, piggyback, scleral/semi-scleral, X-chrome and cosmetic colored.
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Preferred Doctors

Wheaton Eye Clinic doctors who specialize in fitting contact lenses are:

and are seeing patients at the Wheaton and Naperville locations.