Eye Exams

Contact Exam

Patients interested in wearing contact lenses should make an appointment with a Wheaton Eye Clinic contact lens specialist. During your first appointment, you will be given a contact lens examination.

Contact Lens Exam

Step One

You and your doctor will discuss how you wish to incorporate contact lenses into your lifestyle. Topics to consider include:
  • Work Usage
  • Sports/Recreation Use
  • Bifocals
  • Reading

Step Two

An analysis of your prescription will be made and your eyes will be examined in order to determine your:
  • Corneal health, curvature and topography
  • Tear quality
  • Pupil size
  • Eyelid structure

Fitting Your Needs

Following the eye exam, you and your doctor will discuss which contact lens type and design will provide you with the best vision, comfort and safety for all your visual requirements. In most cases, a diagnostic pair of contact lenses will then be placed on your eyes. The doctor will evaluate their fit using a microscope called a slit lamp.

Once the proper contact lens is identified, you will be trained in application, removal and handling of the lens, including proper cleaning, disinfecting and storing.

Once you are comfortable applying and removing the diagnostic lenses, you will be given a wearing schedule and a follow-up appointment.

Although a comprehensive eye health exam is not part of the contact lens exam, patients are able to receive either new or updated prescriptions for glasses.

Follow-Up Visit

The contact lens follow-up visit is important because your doctor will use the microscope to observe any adverse reactions to wearing contact lenses, to evaluate the fit of the lenses and your lens prescription will be rechecked. If necessary, a different lens design or prescription will be substituted.

Future Care

Regardless of how long you have worn contact lenses, a routine contact lens exam is recommended at least once a year.

Contact Lens Doctors

Contact lens examinations at Wheaton Eye Clinic are performed by Wheaton Eye Clinic Doctors of Optometry (O.D.) who have completed four years of college and four years of post-graduate study at a College of Optometry.

Wheaton Eye Clinic doctors who specialize in fitting contact lenses are: