Optical Shop


Wheaton Eye Clinic offers only the finest quality eyeglasses. It is important for patients  to have complete peace of mind when purchasing eyewear from any of our four optical shops. Because we understand high quality eyewear is an investment, we stand behind every pair of glasses we sell. Our five customer satisfaction guarantees cover everything from lenses and frames, to service and style, and come with every product sold at every Wheaton Eye Clinic Optical Shop. 

One-Year Frame Protection

Wheaton Eye Clinic offers only the best quality eyeglasses. However, should your frames break within one year of purchase, we will protect your investment by replacing them one time with an identical or comparable frame or frame part.

One-Year Scratch Protection

Our scratch coating is the strongest available and is guaranteed for one year. If you scratch your lenses within one year of the date of purchase, we will provide a one-time replacement of your lenses at no additional charge, if the scratches impair your vision or are cosmetically distracting.

90-Day Prescription Warranty

Your prescription is determined with precision to meet your particular needs. However, should your physician find that a change in your prescription is required within 90 days of your original exam, we will provide a one-time replacement of your lenses (purchased at Wheaton Eye Clinic) at no additional charge.

We are happy to clean, straighten, tighten and adjust your eyewear whenever necessary as long as you own your glasses. This service is free and we recommend you take advantage of it on a regular basis. Let us help you continue to enjoy your new glasses.


There is a full-service Optical Shop in each of the four Wheaton Eye Clinic locations: Wheaton, Naperville, Hinsdale and Plainfield. Our customer satisfaction guarantees apply to all products sold at all locations. The lifetime adjustment service is available at any Wheaton Eye Clinic location regardless of which Optical Shop initially helped with your eyewear needs.

 *All warranties require the return of original parts. Glass lenses are not covered by warranty.