Plastic Surgery

Dry Eyes

Drying of the ocular surface is a major cause of eye irritation in adults and many people suffer from this chronic condition.


Symptoms include eye fatigue, blurry vision, irritation, and a sensation of having dust or an eyelash in your eye.


The cause of dry eye can be related to age as well as medical conditions such as menopause, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, Bell’s palsy and vitamin A deficiency.

Treatment Options

Whatever the cause, the treatment goal is keeping the eye lubricated. Over-the-counter “artificial tears,” are the mainstay of treatment for many dry eye patients. Punctal plugs or permanent closure of tear drainage ducts can often be helpful to retain tears on the surface of the eye. Restasis (topical cyclosporine) may be recommended in some patients with chronic dry eye syndrome.

Humidification of the living and working environment as well as avoidance of wind, dust, smoke and other irritants is also recommended. Surgery aimed at decreasing the exposure of the eye may be necessary in severe cases.

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