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Urgent Care

Wheaton Eye Clinic treats urgent care patients during regular business hours, by appointment. An ophthalmologist is on-call after hours. Both can be reached through our main phone number: 630-668-8250. An operator will relay your information to the on-call physician.

In Case of Emergency

If there is a life-threatening condition, 911 should be called, or the patient should immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

An eye emergency is a condition the patient perceives is not life-threatening but needs immediate attention. Medical treatment should be sought immediately in the event of an eye injury.

Some of the signs and symptoms of an eye emergency which should be evaluated promptly include:

Blunt Trauma

Projectile objects, such as a ball or finger, can cause a wide range of damage including corneal abrasion, bleeding in the eye, fracture of the orbital bone, rupture of the eyeball or retinal detachment.

Foreign Bodies and Miscellaneous Debris

Activities such as grinding metal or trimming tree branches can disperse particles that become lodged in the eye.

Chemical Injuries

Such occurrences can be devastating and commonly occur in laboratories or at home from accidental exposure to household cleaners, solvents or aerosol products.

Penetration of the Eye

Broken glass or a similar sharp object in the eye usually results in violent trauma.

Serious Burns

Amateur use of fireworks or explosives has the potential to cause serious injury.

Immediate Treatment

Whenever an eye injury occurs, certain steps must be taken in order to prevent serious damage and visual loss. If someone has been exposed to a harmful chemical, immediate irrigation of the eye with water is of utmost importance, even before a phone call to the ER is made. If a blunt or penetrating injury of the eye occurs, manipulation of the eye should be avoided since further damage could be caused. A shield (such as a makeshift one cut from a Styrofoam cup) should be placed over the eye. A pressure patch on the eye may be harmful after trauma and should be avoided.

Conditions Requiring Evaluation within a Day or Two


Wheaton Eye Clinic’s unparalleled commitment to excellence is evident in our continued growth. Today we provide world-class medical and surgical care to patients in six suburban locations—Wheaton, Naperville, Hinsdale, Plainfield, St. Charles, and Bartlett.

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