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Wheaton Eye Clinic supports its community during both good times and challenging times.  When life provides its challenges, the physicians of Wheaton Eye Clinic want to extend support to those eligible for assistance.

The Wheaton Eye Clinic physicians participate in both the Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care programs eligible for area residents. 

There might be times when you are not eligible for either program above.  Recently, you learned that you are no longer eligible for Medicaid or a Medicaid Managed Care program and are being disenrolled. 

In situations such as these you may be eligible for the DuPage Health Coalition’s Premium Subsidy Program – Silver Access DuPage – which can help you and/or your family to offer discounted health insurance through the health exchange.  You can connect with the DuPage Health Coalition at 630.510.8720    Or via their website link:  www.dupagehealthcoalition

The following questions and answers provide you some parameters that may qualify you for assistance for our existing patients.  Please read below the questions and answers:

Does Wheaton Eye Clinic offer either discounted or charity care: 

Upon your completion of the Assistance Form and determination by Wheaton Eye Clinic, you may be eligible to receive either discounted or charity care. 

The Assistance Form must be completed in its entirety, and you will not be considered eligible unless you meet the following the necessary criteria and receive a written confirmation from Wheaton Eye Clinic on which program you are considered to be a participant.

If I have been accepted in either the discounted or charity program, does the arrangement extend to other providers when my Wheaton Eye Clinic physician refers me?

If you are referred for surgery to DuPage Eye Surgery Center (DESC) and have qualified with Wheaton Eye Clinic, you will not have to reapply.  Your care at the DESC (and if a DuPage Eye Anesthesiologist is included) will be subject to the program that you qualified for with the Wheaton Eye Clinic.

If a Wheaton Eye Clinic physician needs to refer you to another outside provider, physician, hospital or university affiliated facility, then you will need to seek your own assistance arrangement with that provider.  Wheaton Eye Clinic’s arrangement with you will not apply to other providers.

Are there services not covered under either the discount or charity program?

Yes, the following services are not covered under any assistance program:

The services listed above are subject to change from time-to-time.    


Wheaton Eye Clinic’s unparalleled commitment to excellence is evident in our continued growth. Today we provide world-class medical and surgical care to patients in six suburban locations—Wheaton, Naperville, Hinsdale, Plainfield, St. Charles, and Bartlett.

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