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Renewal Changes to Your Medicaid

Both the State of Illinois and the Federal Governments have restarted the redetermination process to determine your eligibility with Medicaid.  Wheaton Eye Clinic is entirely removed from this process.  

To remain an existing patient with your Wheaton Eye Clinic physicians it will be necessary to complete the State of Illinois renewal information that you will receive prior to your renewal month.

Are you unsure of your renewal date?  Please follow the instructions below:

If you are unable to access a computer or online, you can call the State of Illinois at 800.843.6154.  Interpreters will be available.

What if my Medicaid coverage lapses?  

Even if you are late, you should apply for renewal by going to the website.  If you re-apply within 90 days of your Medicaid coverage lapsing, the State of Illinois may review your case.  However, during this time you will be considered without insurance.

This arrangement affects patients with EITHER traditional Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care Organizations or HMOs.

Which payor websites might be able to assist me?  

We have been informed that the following websites might be helpful to you:

What happens if I am no longer participating in Medicaid or an Medicaid Managed Care Plan?

The State of Illinois will provide you a letter informing you when your coverage has been discontinued.  

What other insurance options are available to me?

You can explore the following at:

Please note that the information available from the payors and/or the State of Illinois are subject to change without notice and without our ability to modify this public service message that we are providing to assist you.


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